Android interview question

  1. Android Characteristics?
  2. Android Platform Architecture(or Layer, Android software stack.)?
  3. Android Versions (Name and API Version)?
  4. Android Latest Version ? and what’s New
  5. Android Application Components?
  6. What is Context? How is it used?
  7. structure of an Android Application?
  8. What is AndroidManifest.xml?
  9. What is the Application class?
  10. What is the res Folder?
  11. What is AppCompat?
  12. What is Activity?
  13. Types of layout?
  14. The lifecycle of an Activity?
  15. The lifecycle of a Fragment?
  16. Does fragment life cycle depend on the Activity life cycle? How
  17. What’s the difference between onCreate() and onStart() ?
  18. How directly call onDestroy() without onPause() and onStop() ?
  19. What is the Intent Service?
  20. What is a service in Android How many types of services do you know?
  21. Launching mode of Activity?
  22. LifeCycle when Dialog appears in Activity?
  23. Difference between List and ArrayList?
  24. Difference between set and List?
  25. Tell me about BroadCast Receiver?
  26. Types of Broadcast Receiver?
  27. What is the Intent filter?
  28. What is Gradle?
  29. What is the Manifest file?
  30. What is the root element of the Manifest file?
  31. Tell me about Constraint layout?
  32. Difference Between Relative Layout and Linear Layout?
  33. Difference Between ListView and RecyclerView?
  34. Difference Between final, Finally and Finalize?
  35. What is Polymorphism?
  36. Type of Polymorphism?
  37. What are Overloading and Overriding?
  38. Difference Between add and replace Fragment method?
  39. What is a content provider?
  40. Difference between MVC, MVP, and MVVM?
  41. Is It possible to give different Views Layout in a row of RecyclerView
  42. Type of Exception?
  43. Google Map APIs?
  44. Tell me about Data Binding?
  45. What’s Firebase?
  46. Screen Compatibility for Different Phone?
  47. Difference between activity and fragment?
  48. Tell me about Androidx
  49. Android Loader( )
  50. Difference Between Interface and abstract class?
  51. Difference Between Picasso and glide?
  52. What is SQLite?
  53. What is Realm DataBase?
  54. What is NoSql DB?
  55. Method of SQLite?
  56. Tell me about Android indexing.
  57. Tell Me about Android app bundle.
  58. Tell me about the Content provider and types, content resolver
  59. What is 9 patch images?
  60. Java vs kotlin?, which one is Good
  61. Difference Between API, compile and implementation in Gradle?
  62. RxJava ? ( )